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Bhabhatron II

Healthcare facilities are constantly changing to extend high quality & affordable care by providing an efficient treatment solution to whom it really Matters: The Patients.

Bhabhatron II addresses these important attributes in treating cancer patients, ensuring focused & precisely targeted treatment.



Effective simulation and verification are of primary importance before treatment delivery to ensure safe deliver of radiation. At Panacea, we believe working together to break down boundaries and deliver seamless approach to cancer care. IMAGIN, an advanced flat panel radiotherapy simulator delivers the most efficacious simulation by optimized target delineation, target margins and target contouring to simplify the “starting point of treatment planning”.


Presentation at Ministry of Health and Sports

Inbound logistics

Laser and Other Energy Based Technologies

Clinical Training in Fundamentals of Laser and Other Energy Based Technologies Global Aesthetic would proudly like to welcome current and new delegates for the professional development program.

We encourage everyone, especially the younger generation of aesthetic doctors to join our knowledge-sharing medical education program.

Global Aesthetic seeks to help aesthetic doctors build up confidence for the development of their careers and prepare them for future challenges.

Special Thanks to Dr. Aye Su Myat Thaung (The Clinic De Novo Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Center) for supporting our training program.